We use time-honoured values and principles to guide our approach

Trustworthiness, integrity, discipline — these values ground our success and help us steer a moderate course through turbulent markets. We apply time-honoured principles of hard work, relentless research, conscientious attention to detail and unremitting efforts to deliver on our commitments to you. We hold ourselves to standards of absolute integrity as we dedicate our efforts to achieving outcomes that are in your best interest.

We have the academic training and practical experience in the field to navigate the complex world of investing on your behalf. Every portfolio manager is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Our proprietary investment philosophy is called Checkmark Investing. We construct a diversified portfolio designed to bring you the rates of return you need to meet your goals, and carefully control risk through our unique risk management discipline.

Checkmark Investing™ is a strong, value-oriented strategy that constructs diversified portfolios of companies screened for attractive long-term attributes and financial strength.

The firm is wholly owned by its six principals, who feel that employee ownership fosters both a culture of entrepreneurship and a focus on clients’ needs.

Read more about our thinking and investment process in the news, through our Straight Talk blog, market commentaries, and newsletters.

“We say the time to buy a good company is when the collective mind has dismissed it. That’s when the value emerges. This approach, which we call ‘Checkmark Investing’, was developed in the course of years of observing first-hand the best and worst practices within the North American money management industry.”

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